Five Things I Do To Develop Myself

Sep 5, 2022

As my career coaching side gig becomes my main hustle, there are five things I am doing differently today than six months ago. This post will share what those five things are as I continue to develop as an entrerpeneur and as a career coach.

1. Listening to Podcasts– I am addicted to podcasts. I had never listened to any in the past. I am actively listening to podcasts covering leadership, self/career development, and organizational change. The ease of listening to a 25-45 minute podcast while driving or exercising makes it very rewarding.

Some of my favorite podcasts that I currently listen to include:

The Ken Coleman Show
Career Warrior Podcast
Pivot By Jenny Blake
Find Your Dream Job

Book Review

2. Reading a Book Chapter Daily-I always loved reading. As an adult, I stopped reading. In 2022, I challenged myself to read 20 books for the year. I choose to read books about self/career development, coaching, organizational change, and leadership.

I am currently reading The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman that I learned about from his podcast. I am really enjoying it. If you are an avid reader, I highly recommend the GoodReads website. It is very helpful and allows you to connect with friends and see what they are reading.

My last five books read include:

Gung Ho By Ken Blanchard and Sheldown Bowles
Monday Morning Choices by David Cottrell
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Tuesday Morning Coaching by David Cottrell
Whale Done by Ken Blanchard

If you could only read one, I highly recommend The Happiness Project.

3. Professional Organizations/Conferences-I have joined three professional organizations related to my career coaching business. They include Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, Career Directors International, and the National Resume Writers’ Association.

Joining these organizations has served three purposes:

  1. Allowed me to network with career experts.
    2.  Provided me with resources/tools to help my clients.
    3.  Allowed me to attend annual conferences.

I attended the Thrive Conference in May of this year and will be attending NRWA’s conference in New Orleans later this month.

4. Social Media/Personal Branding-I continue to learn the power of social media as it relates to personal branding. Prior to owning my own business, I did very little across most of the social media platform. Today I post across the following channels. Please click on any of the platforms to see Advise Your Career’s presence.

Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

5. Networking-As I have learned more about personal branding, I have also learned the power of a strong network. I have personally helped 1K+ customers with their career goals, since I have opened my business. As I have grown my social media presence, I have reached out to those past customers in efforts to build a stronger network.

I am spending 15 minutes a day connecting with new people as well as posting and engaging with my existing network. As my network grows, I will be able to reach a large audience on how I can help you achieve your career dreams.

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