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Career coaching offers support in order to help people make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory.  Furthermore, it is designed to increase awareness and offer services around numerous tools like resumes, Linked-in profiles, cover letters, and interview preparation to achieve those goals.
How we help you
Advise Your Career’s intent with career coaching is to provide you with the career confidence, insight, inspiration, and encouragement needed when determining next career steps.  It is stressful enough looking for a job.  Let Advise Your Career be that designation for this support.  Andy has over 35+ years of experience in the corporate world encompassing training and developing numerous teams over his career.  He takes great pride in the fact that he has impacted numerous careers with his expertise and guidance.

Common Misconceptions

My career coach will find me a job.

The job search is owned by the individual.  A career coach can arm you with the tools to help make you more successful in your job search.

I only need one session to be successful in career coaching.

Career coaching takes practice.  Some people need more than one session as feedback and preparation are keys to success.

A resume is all I need to be successful finding my dream job!

A resume is an important part of the process by itself.  However, a great resume combined with a poor Linked-in profile, or an unprepared interviewee will not close the deal.  The job/career search is a process with multiple steps.  Each step is important.


Career document showcasing the value you bring to an organization.

An updated resume is always nice to have, but most people don’t keep one current or don’t have one at all. Let us take the headache off your hand and deliver you an up-to-date resume. We will require the completion of a questionnaire or a meeting to ensure we capture all your experience and sell your skill sets and experience accordingly.  Many things with the growth of technology have changed in the recruiting world.  Let’s ensure your resume captures your skill sets and experience and sells you in the best light possible. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs. These systems help businesses collect information, organize prospects based on experience and skill sets, and filter applicants. Advise Your Career understands the ATS requirements and incorporates that into your resume rebuild based on those requirements.

ATS Compliant

A resume that is ATS Compliant drastically improves your chances of the hiring manager seeing your resume.


A recent survey indicated 61% of recruiters will disregard a resume with grammar mistakes or spelling errors.

Job Gaps | Job Hopping

Job gaps are not always viewed favorably by recruiters or hiring managers. There are resume-writing techniques to address these situations.

Interview Preparation

1:1 session(s) preparing you for the formal interview.
A job interview can be stressful.  Being prepared is key when trying to make a good impression and land that next job.  Interviews have changed over the years.  Most companies have implemented behavioural/situational interviews which require you to provide concise but detailed responses to several key questions asked of all candidates.  How you articulate your work experience while answering the questions is important and takes practice?  We can help by preparing you with specific examples from your work experience.  In addition, we can practice mock interviews with you and provide feedback. Like a coaching session, you can buy session time in thirty-minute increments where we conduct mock interview sessions offering you guidance, interview strategies, and specific mock questions related to your next steps.

STAR Method

Situation, Task, Action, Result is a leading interview technique that organizes your “value” stories for behavioral/situational interview questions.


Being Prepared

Knowing what to say, how much detail to give, how to act, how to look are all things worth addressing and preparing for prior to an interview.

Time Management

Managing your time in an interview is crucial. Being organized, concise, and structured with your answer is all important. It takes some practice.

LinkedIn Profile

A refreshed or newly created online profile.
LinkedIn has become as important as a resume. It has become the single most important job site used by recruiters. LinkedIn is an important tool for networking whether you are an entrepreneur or in the corporate work force. A current LinkedIn profile is your online resume and is often looked at simultaneously with your resume.  There are numerous dos and don’ts regarding your LinkedIn profile.  Try Advise Your Career to get your refreshed profile and guidance on what to do regarding your profile going forward.

All-Star Profile Status

A designation by LinkedIn assigned to profiles that are robust and complete increasing likelihood of recruiters noticing you in job searches.

Syncing Resume Story with LinkedIn Profile

Ensuring that your LinkedIn Profile tells the same career story in your resume. It is very likely a recruiter may look at a resume or LinkedIn profile separately rather than jointly.

Networking Strategies

There are numerous things a candidate can do to increase endorsed skills, character references, etc. We can walk you through those and things you should be doing on an ongoing basis even when you aren’t searching for a job.

Cover Letters

A one-page document that you submit as part of your job application.
A cover letter is an important document and required in some cases for a specific job post.  It is specifically targeted at the specific job desired with the intent of concisely selling your qualifications and requesting that interview.  It accompanies the resume but has its own form and purpose.  Let Advise Your Career help with your cover letter needs.

Skill Alignment

A cover letter should showcase the strengths and value you bring to the opportunity you are posting or applying for in your job search.

Builds Relationship with Employer

A cover letter displays your personality to the potential employer.

Key Career Accomplishments

A cover letter gives you the chance to communicate the value you bring to the position by relaying important career accomplishments or achievements you have attained.

Coaching Sessions

1:1 session(s) that assist with career goals, career paths, training assessments, and career accountability.
The actual coaching process generally occurs virtually via Zoom/Teams.  It is the dedicated time allocated to the client referred to as sessions.  These sessions are offered in thirty-minute increments.  These sessions are the basis for the verbal interaction between coach and client providing the feedback, insight, and encouragement around the career.  For some clients actively looking for the next job, these sessions focus on the progress made in the job search, or feedback from interviews, or approach around the actual job search.  For clients perfectly content with their current job, these sessions might focus on the career growth in the current role, or steps needed as you think of your next career move.  These sessions mean something different for everyone. The coaching session serves as that touch base to assess career progress and career action steps that might be needed.

Job Search Guidance

Are you tired of not getting traction with your current resume? Perhaps you haven’t interviewed in many years, and just need some tips. Advise Your Career can get you back on track.

Personal Brand

Perhaps you need help selling yourself. It starts with career documents (i.e. resumes, cover letters, etc.). Maybe you need an elevator speech. A strong personal brand can help in your career progression.

Accountability Partner

How many times have you said I am going to work on this as it is important to my career? Do you have trouble setting goals? Maybe you just need someone to help hold you accountable to measuring your progress toward your career goals. A coaching session can do all of that.

Thank You Letters

A thank-you letter is the concluding portion of an interview. The best time to send your thank-you letter for a job interview is within the first 24 hours following the interview. Hiring decisions can be made quickly, and you also don’t want to make a poor impression by being the last candidate to get the thank-you letter delivered. Even though only 25% of applicants send thank-you notes, 80% of HR managers feel they are useful when evaluating candidates, according to a survey by Robert Half International.

Business Courtesy

A thank-you letter or email shows initiative and is a sign of business courtesy. Numerous studies have shown that many recruiters expect candidates to send thank-you notes post interview.

Executive/Leadership Bios

One-page document describing your core values, brand attributes, career history, and accomplishments.
An executive or leadership biography is a succinct, stand-alone version of your professional’s story’s narrative highlights, making it the ideal complement to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Bios are generally written in the third person and fit within one page. Bios are powerful tools to boost your credibility-whether that’s at a speaking engagement, to help drive business, or to promote your company.

Executive/Personal Branding

An executive bio can reinforce your personal/executive brand.


A Perfect Icebreaker

Executive bios are great additions to conference and presentations that showcase your value and accomplishments.

Bundling services provide you the best value!

If any of these services interest you, please schedule a 20-minute session to discuss your needs. Bundling services together into a customized package provides you the best value for your needs. We look forward to working with you to land you that dream job!

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